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Vibrant Culture of Rajasthan : Exploring the Tradition, Art, Music, Food and Festivals


Rajasthan is one of the most colorful states in India that you can visit with Taxi Service in Rajasthan. The royal heritage, vibrant culture and tradition of Rajasthan attracts many tourists from all over the world. It is also known as Land of Kings because in ancient times there were many kings who ruled over this area which was then called Rajputana.

The culture in Rajasthan dates back to 3000 years ago when Hinduism first came into existence. Many temples were built during that period which can still be seen today and they are known as architectural marvels due to their intricate designs. The culture here is so vibrant that it has become an integral part of everyday life whether you want it or not!

Culture of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a state in the northwest of India. Rajasthan has a tradition of music, dance and art. The people of Rajasthan are known to have a great sense of humour which can be seen in their folk dances. They also enjoy traveling and are very welcoming towards visitors from all over the world. You can explore with Rajasthan Taxi Service.

There are many festivals celebrated in this region such as Teej Festival or Gangaur Festival where people wear new clothes, dance to traditional songs and enjoy food cooked with mangoes.

Music & Dance

Rajasthani music is a unique blend of folk and classical music. The use of instruments like dholak, mardang, khartal and dhol make Rajasthani music more interesting.

The popular form of dance in Rajasthan is Ghumar, which depicts the rural life as well as the culture of Rajasthan. It is performed by women and portrays joyful movements that represent happiness, spirituality and prosperity among others.

Art & Architecture

  • The state is famous for its ancient forts, palaces, temples and monuments.
  • Rajasthan has a rich tradition of folk art that includes woodcarving, leather puppetry theatre called “Shekhavati Gidha”, stone carving (“Gadoon” or “Bhadra”), metal castes like brass casting (“Chilanka”) glass bead making (“Kumhar”), shell work (“Dongri”), pottery work (“Pokkla”).


It is rich in spices, ghee and oil. The food of Rajasthan is delicious and hearty. It has a wide variety of dishes that are cooked in different ways. Here are some popular Rajasthani dishes:

  • Dal Bati
  • Khoba Roti and Bajra Roti


Festivals are the colorful part of Rajasthan and its culture. There are many festivals that you can enjoy here, like Dussehra, Guru Nanak Jayanti, Eid, Holi and Janmashtami to name a few. Popularly known as ‘Holi’ or ‘Chhoti Holi’ in North India, this festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm all across the country on the last day of Purnima (full moon).

Holika Dahan is observed on this day by lighting bonfires to celebrate triumph over evil. People play with colors and douse each other with water colored with natural vegetable dyes like indigo-blue or saffron yellow to mark the end of winter season and welcome spring season with cheerfulness and fun.

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