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Bhairavgarh Udaipur: Destination Wedding in the Heart of Rajasthan

Modern couples are looking for stunning wedding venues that surpass in style and beauty. There is no place that can best embody the concept of “royal” like Udaipur. The city is home to magnificent palaces, forts, and luxurious hotels that are the ideal venue for large-scale gatherings or private events. But choosing the right hotel in Udaipur isn’t easy when it comes to choosing the ideal location for your next vacation.

There is one thing to take care of prior to the wedding before you begin your process of planning and research. According to wedding industry experts, the most suitable months for weddings in Udaipur fall between March and October. The reason is that you can be guaranteed the best wedding time since winters in the town of Rajasthan are generally stunning. The most luxurious resort in Udaipur that you could consider in your search for the ideal hotel that will meet your requirements and budget.

In the event of the ideal location to hold weddings for the country for a location wedding in the city of Udaipur ours is the most suitable.

Bhairavgarh Udaipur

Imagine having your wedding ceremony in luxurious palaces and forts just like an extravagant wedding in a royal. You will be treated like royalty at this extravagant hotel situated in Udaipur But! A wedding ceremony in our hotel is the closest to fulfilling your wish of getting wed to the princess of your dreams. If you’re planning to get married to the most elegant hotel with three stars and an island castle, there is something for everyone.

  • Indoor and Outdoor

The lovely resort is tucked away from the city and set in stunning gardens and nicely decorated banquet halls. This means it is possible to plan weddings both inside and outside of this gorgeous area. Bhairavgarh is a spot that’s as grand and extravagant like the palace. It’s located within Zennia, Sukher, and Udaipur is the spot that is certain to impress you. It’s hidden within the 200-foot road close to the Mata Temple, which is extremely well-known by the people who reside in the area. It’s located at the distance of 7.9 kilometers from the railway station, and 22.7 kilometers from the airfield.

In this gorgeous location located in Udaipur the wedding ceremony will surely be a memorable one. In addition, this location has personal planners at the home who take every step to ensure that your wedding is a total success. They are able to effectively plan the entire event and ensure it’s efficient. To arrange everything associated with the ceremony and wedding at a destination the wedding planner will work with the accommodation. Mandaps, aisles, the centerpieces, the dance floor, the lighting for the stage hair and makeup experts together with the entertainment and music like the elephants and horses to parade, and the fireworks should all receive the attention they deserve.

most luxurious hotel at Udaipur, Bhairavgarh Resort will provide guests with the best hospitality.


Which is the main feature?

It’s all included in the cost! Absolutely, Bhavigarh Resort provides top-notch services with the lowest costs. A banquet area that can accommodate many events and events, such as

  1. sangeets
  2. mehndis
  3. Haldis,
  4. Cocktail hours,
  5. receptions,
  6. Corporate events or business functions

weddings are held at the resort in various locations, such as close to a pool, outside, or in an outdoor courtyard, for example.

  • Package for Bhairavgarh, Udaipur weddings

The price of wedding decorations and other related services to the wedding can be anywhere between 7 to 15 lakhs.

As a renowned wedding planner with a particular focus on weddings with a destination in Udaipur, We provide specific packages that will assist you in planning weddings for the least amount of money.

  1. Cost Estimate for a Luxurious Wedding

To figure out the amount of the wedding it is necessary to suppose the following. We will suppose that 150 guests will be present at the ceremony.


Based on how many guests are in attendance and the design of the decoration The cost for decorations can vary between 15 to 25 lakhs. With the various decorations, the stunning gardens of Bhairavgarh appear amazing.


150 guests are required to remain for two consecutive days. The result will be an estimated cost of 24 lakhs including food and accommodation. This is more than the cost of reserving accommodation when you book the venue location for your wedding prior to the wedding you’ll arrange for the entire hotel to host diverse events. You will also incur expenses for food for 150 guests, as well as extravagant decoration.


Wedding ceremonies in the Bhairavgarh Resort will probably cost between 35-40 thousand rupees.

The estimated price to host two wedding days comes to approximately 38 lakhs (24 lakhs and 14 lakhs) which include accommodation, dishes, decorations, and other wedding-related expenses such as lighting, sound, and the preparation of the ceremony.


The gorgeous design of Bhairav Garh Resort & Spa was designed by the regional customs that are the hallmark of Mewar. This hotel features 42 suites as well as rooms within the resort that provide comfort and luxury being surrounded by stunning also stunning and breathtaking scenery and a lake. In addition, they offer the renowned Harmony Banquet hall which can accommodate more than 500 people. In addition, they have Meadows gardens that can hold up to 1,000 people.

The selection of the ideal wedding planner can make the difference between having your dream wedding dreamed of or getting chaos at your ceremony. Naturally, you’ll desire everything about your wedding to be exactly as you imagined. Therefore, hiring an experienced wedding planner is crucial and must be done in a professional manner. Make sure that you’ve established your budget and determined the amount you’re able to afford for wedding planners prior to when you begin planning the entire event to plan your wedding.


This Blog provides a wedding location that is located at Bhairavgarh Udaipur located in Rajasthan. The blog provides a list of the numerous amenities and activities accessible in Bhairavgarh Udaipur as well as the various options on the perfect wedding that is a destination wedding in Bhairavgarh Udaipur. The blog also offers a variety of writing and composition techniques that can be applied when creating or writing about an event which is an event that is a destination wedding in Bhairavgarh Udaipur.

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