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How to Access Sage 50 Remotely?

Accessibility and accessibility are vital to running a successful business in the current marketplace. With the rapid growth of cloud-based business services working remotely and collaboratively are now more routine methods. To cope with this trend numerous businesses could be forced to use accounting software like Sage 50 CA Edition which offers a superior capability for managing finances.

While choosing strong software applications is beneficial, it is also being aware of how to reap the maximum benefit from these solutions, including remote access using secured connections and a wealth of support options for when you require them the most. This article will give you an overview of accessing Sage 50 from a remote location to help you keep at the top of your business needs no matter how far or distance!

Sage 50 Remote Access

Users can connect to Sage 50 remotely by harnessing the power of the cloud. This method can be used using two methods:

  • Utilizing Sage 50c i.e. a SaaS software developed by Sage Group
  • The Sage 50 desktop application on the cloud server of a third-party service provider’s server

Here are some thoughts on both of the strategies that were mentioned earlier:

Sage 50c

Sage 50c is Sage Group’s complete cloud-based service, launched in 2017 in order to help small and medium-sized businesses access the latest technology and innovations. It was created to help both experienced and novice business owners complete control over their accounts and finances. It also gives real-time data to aid them in making quicker decisions and also automates tasks that take time to increase productivity and reduce the need for paperwork.

Sage 50c is able to accommodate a maximum of 20 users. While authorized users are able to access it remotely, there are some restrictions. It restricts access to data to one user at a given time by restricting other users who wish to access the information simultaneously. Therefore, a collaboration between colleagues is not feasible with Sage 50c. To address this issue, businesses could opt for Sage 50 Hosting services. Multiple users are able to collaborate on the document simultaneously and make changes in real time to the file while sharing this same information with others in the team.

Additionally, multiple users are able to access and edit data simultaneously and edit information at the same time, which is not possible with Sage 50c. For access to Sage 50 remotely through third-party cloud hosting, users should follow the steps below:

1. Purchase Sage 50 licenses online through either the official website for Sage Group and Amazon.

2. Choose a trustworthy cloud hosting provider by taking a look at the following elements:

  • Review their experiences in the accounting industry. Consider how long they’ve been in operation and what kinds of clients have profited from their services.
  • The standard security procedures to protect data from accidental loss or cyberattacks.
  • SLA (Service Level Agreement) which includes an uptime guarantee, backup policies, and a termination fee.
  • The availability and expertise of the support services offered by the cloud hosting company.
  • After securing the host the hosting provider, they host Sage 50 on its virtual servers. In this way, users are able to access the accounting program at any time via a remote Desktop Portal (RDP) as well as an internet browser.
  • Users are given login credentials and all data is continuously updated.

Features Of Sage 50 Hosting

Automatic Upgrades

Sage 50 cloud Hosting includes automated updates that allow businesses to keep their servers up-to-date.

99.999% Uptime

With the help of multiple redundant IT designs and proactive threat surveillance, Sage applications hosted on high-performance cloud servers can provide 99.999 100 percent availability.

Team Collaboration

Users from various locations can collaborate, share and edit information, as well as collaborate on the same platform to make collaboration more efficient.

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Enterprise-Level Security

Sage 50 Hosting protects your information with the most secure procedures and security checks that are multi-level.

24×7 Technical Support

Professionals with expertise are available 24 hours a day via chat, phone or email for technical issues using Sage 50 hosted on cloud. Sage 50.

Add-Ons Integration

Users can add add-ons to tax-related applications and billing, invoicing, and payments according to the needs of the business using Sage 50 Hosting.


This Blog provides information on how to access Sage 50 remotely. Additionally, they discuss some of the features of Sage 50 hosting, including automatic upgrades and 99.999% uptime. They also discuss team collaboration and enterprise-level security. Finally, they provide information on add-on integration.

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