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Top 10 Wedding Places in Bhuj

Planning a wedding in Bhuj? The city, with its rich cultural heritage and picturesque landscapes, offers a plethora of stunning venues for your special day. In this guide, we’ll explore the top 10 wedding places in Bhuj, including resorts in Bhuj, to help you create unforgettable memories on your wedding day.

1. Mandvi Beach Resort:

Imagine exchanging vows with the soothing sound of waves in the background. Mandvi Beach Resort, a premier wedding resort in Bhuj, provides a picturesque beachfront setting, perfect for couples seeking a romantic and unique wedding experience.

Make your beachfront wedding dreams come true with Time Square Club, offering bespoke services to enhance your Mandvi Beach Resort wedding experience. Our team ensures every detail is seamlessly executed, making your special day even more memorable.

2. Aina Mahal Garden:

For a touch of regality, Aina Mahal Garden offers a blend of history and elegance. The well-manicured gardens surrounding the historic Aina Mahal provide a charming backdrop for your wedding festivities.

Add a touch of modern luxury to your regal celebration with Time Square Club. Our premium services complement the timeless beauty of Aina Mahal Garden, ensuring a wedding that reflects both tradition and sophistication.

3. Rann Utsav Tent City:

Experience the magic of a desert wedding at Rann Utsav Tent City. Nestled in the heart of the Rann of Kutch, this wedding resort in Bhuj offers luxury tents and a surreal ambiance, creating a memorable setting for your special day.

Elevate your desert wedding experience with Time Square Club, where we curate an enchanting atmosphere amidst the Rann Utsav Tent City. Our attention to detail ensures a wedding that’s not just celebrated but cherished.

4. Banni Khera Farm:

Escape to the rustic charm of Banni Khera Farm for a countryside wedding. Surrounded by lush greenery, this wedding resort in Bhuj provides a tranquil atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for nature-inspired weddings.

Create a harmonious blend of nature and luxury with Time Square Club at Banni Khera Farm. Our personalized services add a touch of sophistication to your countryside celebration, ensuring a wedding that feels like a fairytale.

5. Vijay Vilas Palace:

Steeped in history and grandeur, Vijay Vilas Palace is a majestic venue for a royal wedding. The stunning architecture and expansive lawns offer a regal setting, ensuring a wedding that feels like a fairy tale.

Turn your royal dreams into reality with Time Square Club at Vijay Vilas Palace. Our expert team crafts a wedding experience fit for royalty, ensuring every moment is filled with opulence and grace.

6. Hamirsar Lake:

Exchange vows against the backdrop of Hamirsar Lake’s serene waters. This unique wedding resort in Bhuj allows you to host an intimate lakeside wedding, creating a romantic and tranquil atmosphere for your celebration.

Enhance the romance of your lakeside wedding with Time Square Club. Our team transforms the shores of Hamirsar Lake into a magical setting, where love is celebrated amidst nature’s beauty.

7. Hotel Ilark:

For a blend of modern amenities and elegance, Hotel Ilark is a popular choice. With spacious banquet halls and impeccable services, this hotel, also serving as a wedding resort in Bhuj, provides a versatile and convenient venue for weddings of various sizes.

Experience modern luxury at its best with Time Square Club at Hotel Ilark. Our premium services complement the contemporary elegance of the venue, ensuring a wedding that combines style and comfort.

8. Jubilee Ground:

Jubilee Ground offers a vast open space, making it an excellent choice for grand celebrations. The flexibility of this venue allows you to customize the space according to your wedding theme and preferences.

Transform the expansive Jubilee Ground into a personalized wedding haven with Time Square Club. Our expert planners ensure that every corner reflects your unique style, creating a celebration that’s as grand as your love.

9. Bhuj Club:

Embrace colonial charm at Bhuj Club, an iconic venue with a historic touch. The colonial architecture and well-maintained gardens create a sophisticated setting for your wedding festivities.

Add a touch of modern sophistication to the colonial charm of Bhuj Club with Time Square Club. Our curated services elevate your celebration, ensuring that your wedding at this iconic venue is nothing short of extraordinary.

10. Mundra Resort:

Escape to tranquility at Mundra Resort, offering a serene setting for a destination wedding. The resort’s facilities and scenic surroundings make it an ideal choice for those looking for a peaceful yet luxurious celebration.

Craft an unforgettable destination wedding experience with Time Square Club at Mundra Resort. Our team ensures that every aspect of your celebration is seamlessly woven into the tranquil beauty of the resort.

Choosing the Perfect Venue:

When selecting a wedding venue in Bhuj, including a wedding resort in Bhuj, consider factors such as the number of guests, your budget, and the ambiance you envision. Many of these venues offer a range of services, including catering, decoration, and accommodation, to make your wedding planning process smoother.


Bhuj, with its diverse range of wedding venues, including resorts in Bhuj, caters to different preferences and styles. Whether you dream of a beachfront ceremony, a regal palace wedding, or a countryside celebration, Bhuj has the perfect venue for you. Explore these top 10 wedding places in Bhuj and make your special day truly memorable amidst the cultural richness and natural beauty of this enchanting city, with Time Square Club turning your wedding dreams into reality.

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