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Top Places to Visit between Udaipur and Nathdwara

Udaipur and Nathdwara, nestled in the heart of Rajasthan, boast rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and architectural marvels. The journey between these two gems unveils a tapestry of historical significance and natural beauty. For those embarking on this enchanting road trip, there are numerous noteworthy stops that add depth to the experience. Whether you opt for a one-way taxi or a cab, the journey promises a visual feast and cultural immersion. In this article, we will guide you through the top places to visit between Udaipur and Nathdwara.

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1. Jagdish Temple, Udaipur:

Commence your journey in Udaipur with a visit to the Jagdish Temple. This architectural marvel, built in 1651, is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is an exemplary representation of Indo-Aryan style. The intricate carvings, detailed sculptures, and the spiritual aura make it a must-visit. Choosing a Udaipur and Nathdwara cab for your journey at Shri Nakoda One Way provides the convenience of door-to-door service.

2. City Palace, Udaipur:

Adjacent to Lake Pichola, the City Palace is a grandeur of Rajput and Mughal architecture. The panoramic views of the lake and the city from the palace are breathtaking. Take your time to explore the courtyards, galleries, and museums within the palace complex.

3. Fateh Sagar Lake, Udaipur:

A short drive from the City Palace, Fateh Sagar Lake is a serene spot to unwind. You can take a boat ride to appreciate the surrounding hills and islands. The calm waters and the backdrop of the Aravalli Range create a picturesque setting.

4. Shilpgram, Udaipur:

If you have a penchant for traditional arts and crafts, Shilpgram is a cultural complex that showcases the rural life of Rajasthan. It hosts fairs and festivals, providing a glimpse into the vibrant local culture. Check the calendar for any ongoing events during your visit.

5. Eklingji Temple:

As you leave Udaipur, make a pitstop at Eklingji Temple, a revered Hindu temple complex dedicated to Lord Shiva. The intricate carvings and ancient architecture reflect the deep-rooted spirituality of the region.

6. Sajjangarh Palace (Monsoon Palace):

Perched on a hill, the Sajjangarh Palace offers panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. It’s especially enchanting during the monsoon season when the Aravalli Range is draped in lush greenery. The palace itself is a fine example of Rajput architecture.

7. Rajsamand Lake:

En route to Nathdwara, visit Rajsamand Lake, an expansive water reservoir built in the 17th century. The intricate marble embankments and the nearby Nauchowki, a pavilion with nine intricately carved ‘toranas,’ add historical significance to the place.

8. Kankroli Temple:

Before reaching Nathdwara, a visit to Kankroli Temple is a spiritual interlude. Dedicated to Lord Dwarkadheesh, this temple is located on the banks of Rajsamand Lake. The serene surroundings and the religious ambiance make it a peaceful stop.

9. Nathdwara:

Finally, reach Nathdwara, famed for its Krishna Temple and the sacred deity of Shrinathji. The intricate architecture, vibrant rituals, and the religious fervor of the place make it a fitting end to your journey.

Choosing the Right Mode of Transportation:

For a seamless journey between Udaipur and Nathdwara, consider opting for a one-way taxi or cab service. This ensures convenience, comfort, and the flexibility to explore the places at your own pace. Numerous reliable taxi services operate in the region, offering a range of vehicles to suit your preferences.


The road trip from Udaipur to Nathdwara is more than just a commute; it’s a journey through history, spirituality, and natural beauty. Each stop along the way adds a layer to the cultural tapestry of Rajasthan. Whether you are an avid traveler, a history buff, or a spiritual seeker, this route promises an enriching experience. So, buckle up, hire a taxi or cab, and immerse yourself in the charm of Udaipur and Nathdwara, discovering the gems that lie between them.

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