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Best places to Explore in Rajsamand

Have you done a lot of exploring? Let’s explore some of the surrounding Udaipur locations. Take your family on a short excursion from Udaipur to Rajsamand.

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The following are some underrated Rajsamand locations that you should visit:

  • Dudheshwar Temple

A perpetual spring is housed within the temple complex, which is situated in the Todgarh-Raoli Wildlife Sanctuary. According to the keepers, leopards and sloth bears frequent the area at night.

  • Katar Ghati

This four-kilometer route, which leads from Todgarh to the Dudheshwar Temple, was built by British engineers in the shape of a serpent, and it is a masterpiece of engineering.

  •  Kumbhalgarh wildlife sanctuary

The Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Rajasthan’s Rajsamand District and surrounds the well-known Kumbhalgarh Fort. In addition, it has four Aravalli mountain ranges, including the Kumbhalgarh Range, which can be explored on foot, on horseback, or on a jeep safari.

  • Rajsamand Lake

Raja Samudra Lake is another name for Rajsamand Lake. Around 1660, Maharana Raj Singh ji built it. Located just 66 kilometers to the north of Udaipur. Maharana Raj Singh ji built the “Nauchowki,” or nine pavilions, along the lake embankment. The Sun, chariots, Gods, birds, and other creative carvings are depicted in this spectacular pavilion’s carvings.

Its lake’s water glitters magnificently as dusk falls, adding to its attractiveness. While traveling to Kankroli and Kumbhalgarh, one can take in the beautiful beauty of Rajsamand Lake.

  • Ghoram Ghat

A railway track between Kamlighat and Fulad station, about 12 km from Todgarh, offers a beautiful view of waterfalls, tunnels, and bridges.

  • Bheelberi

Bheel Beri is one of Rajasthan’s tallest waterfalls at 55 meters. Near the waterfall, Indian vultures can be spotted resting on the rocky cliffs.

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