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Mount Abu Sightseeing Tour – OM Travel Online

Mount Abu, a hill station located in Rajasthan state in western India, is near the Gujarat border. It is located on a high plateau of rocky rock in the Aravalli Range, surrounded by forests. The area offers a cool climate and stunning views over the arid plains below. Nakki Lake, located in the middle of town is a popular spot to go boating. Nearby are the Dilwara Temples which were built from white marble over centuries and have great spiritual significance. You can opt for Udaipur To Mount Abu Taxi Service to reach here.

Arbudaanchal is the ancient name for Mount Abu. The region was called Arbudaranya (“forest Arbuda“) in the Puranas. ‘Abu’, a diminutive, is also a reference to this ancient name. After he had a dispute with sage Vishvamitra, it is believed that Vashistha moved to Mount Abu’s southern spur. Another historical tale claims that a serpent called “Arbuda”, saved Nandi’s life (Lord Shiva’s bull). This happened on Mount Abu, and the mountain was named after it. Abu gradually evolved into Arbudaranya.

Rao Lumba, a Deora-Chauhan dynasty member, conquered Mount Abu in 1311CE. This brought an end to the Parmars’ reign and marked the demise of this hill station. He moved the capital to Chandravati on the plains. Rao Shasmal established Sirohi as his headquarters after the destruction of Chandravati, 1405. It was later leased to the British government by the Maharaja of Sirohi, who used it as their headquarters. At 1,220m (4,003 feet) elevation, the only hill station in Rajasthan can be found. For centuries, it has been a popular refuge from the heat in Rajasthan and Gujarat. You Can Opt for Taxi Service in Udaipur to reach mount abu within 3 hrs by the shortest distance from here for this you can hire taxi from Om Travel online.

 There are several Hindu temples on the mountain, including the Adhar Devi Temple (also called Arbuda Devi Temple), which was carved out from the solid rock. Also, the Shri Raghunathji Temple and Dattatreya’s shrine and temple is located atop Guru Shikhar peak. The Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple (1412). Nearby is the Achalgarh Fort which was built by Kumbha, of Mewar in the 14th Century. It is also home to Nakki Lake’s most popular attraction, the Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple (1412). On a hill close to the lake is the Toad Rock. The Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple is a popular Shiva temple, located close to the fort. Achal Fort Jain Temple is also known as Kantinath Jain Temple (1513). Just outside Mount Abu, is the Durga Ambika Mata Temple. It can be found in a cleft in Jagat.

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