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The Must-Have Wedding Trends for the Indian Wedding Season of 2023

COVID-19 has made our lives better, and this year’s Indian wedding trends are a testament to that. These are the top wedding trends we believe will be around in 2023.

Most things, including weddings, will return to their former splendor of colorful extravagance in 2023. However, this time, they will be more cautious. We are all hungry for human connection now more than ever. Couples and their families are working together to make weddings more meaningful than ever.

We have compiled a list of the most popular wedding styles from professionals to help you plan a perfect event. If You are also Looking for Wedding Venues in Udaipur then you can check in at Bhairavgarh Udaipur one of the Best Resorts in Udaipur These are the top 2023 wedding trends.

Trends in Weddings for the 2023 Season

  • Paperless Pyar

Digital invitation cards are becoming more popular as the concept of sustainability becomes mainstream in the wedding industry. The wedding industry is notorious for using a lot of single-use items. This makes it an ideal place to generate trash. Although most people don’t notice it, we believe it’s always better to reduce carbon usage. Digital is not only a great way to save money, but it’s also a good way to conserve paper. Digital invitations can be made in almost any format (Gif invitations), and you can make last-minute changes that are impossible with traditional invitations.

The trend for all-digital invites with virtual connections to weddings is here to stay. Digital invites not only are eco-friendly, but also allow you to achieve high-end aesthetics at a low cost.

  • Mini Weddings, Macro Love

Micro weddings have made Indian weddings less common. These informal gatherings will be loved by many in 2023. We’re not ready to go back to the days when there were thousands attending large-than-life parties. Although most venues have relaxed their restrictions on guest numbers, many couples and families prefer the ease and convenience of small gatherings with close friends and family. Events that have fewer guests make them more memorable and personal. They also allow for greater flexibility in planning, such as the purchase of expensive attire or a location.

  • No-Makeup Makeup, High Impact

A natural, minimally-applied look is the preferred choice of almost every bride. It’s not only beautiful for them, but we also think it’s beautiful. A light makeup palette that includes neutral tones and colors enhances your natural beauty, regardless of whether you are wearing a darker or lighter shade.

But, just because they are ‘no makeup’ doesn’t make them boring. You can jazz up your basic makeup look with bold eyeliners, dewy bases, bright lipsticks, and other statement pieces. We know that minimalist makeup looks can be beautiful without being too dramatic and may prove to be a great choice for your wedding day.

  • Dulhas violates the stereotypes

It’s hard not to love how our duties are experimenting with feminine colors and pestle colors. Our males have abandoned traditional methods and redefined masculinity through light colors and clothes that match the most beautiful pestle safaris. This wedding trend will be the defining feature of the upcoming wedding season.

  • Sarees

We are seeing a shift away from traditional bridal lehengas to beautiful traditional kanjeevaram silk saree. This is something we love! These beautiful sarees, which have a touch of tradition, are sure to be a big hit for the wedding season.

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