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The Perfect Destination to Visit: Rajasthan Heritage tours & packages

A Jaisalmer Heritage Rajasthan Tour is all needed to make your heart smile and your eyes shine enjoying the sunset  in the middle of the Thar desert. Jaisalmer is a city in Rajasthan known for its rich cultural and architectural heritage. This ancient settlement, also known as the Golden Town, is a popular tourist destination in Rajasthan, a desert state.

The breathtaking Folk Music and Dance in the Thar desert is the home to a rich tradition of folk music and dance, including the Kalbelia, Bhavai, and Ghoomar dance forms. The unique handicrafts often passed down from generation to generation are an important source of income for locals; it includes pottery, embroidery, weaving, and leatherwork. 

Wash your hands cleaning for having the most famous dish dal bati and churma.

Festival in the desert sounds fun right?

The thar desert is home to a number of colorful festivals, including Pushkar Camel Fair, The Marwar Festival, and the Jaisalmer Desert Festival. This famous festival showcases the region’s cultural heritage through music, dance, and traditional attire.

All the charms and attractions that characterize the rich culture and history of this Rajput state are included in a Jodhpur Jaisalmer tour package. Looking for Jaisalmer vacation packages is always on the agenda of everyone who wants to go on a fascinating, culturally rich trip that also includes some folk music and dance.

Now let’s see some tourist places to explore in Jaisalmer?

  1. Patwon ki Haveli– A complex of five mansions that were built by wealthy merchants known for its intricate carvings and beautiful architecture.
  2. Jaisalmer Fort – Referred as Sonar Kila, a prime example of Rajasthani architecture.
  1. Gadisar Lake– An Artificial lake known for its scenic beauty and peaceful surroundings.
  2. Jain Temples – Jaisalmer is home of several stunning jain Temples.
  3. Desert Safari– visited Jaisalmer and not having a safari ride is just like not having Mango juice in Summer, a great way to experience the beauty and majesty of the desert.

In addition to these attractions, a Jodhpur Jaisalmer tour package also includes visits to local markets, museums, and cultural centers. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in the rich heritage and culture of Jaisalmer and create lasting memories of your visit to this amazing city.

For your enjoyment to be unrestricted, Delightful India Holiday brings you the Rajasthan tour packages at the most affordable prices.

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