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The top 9 reasons Udaipur is the ideal location for tourists

A city of lakes, and one of the most romantic destinations, referred to as the Venice of the East. It’s not difficult to understand the reason Udaipur is described as such with its beautiful temples, palaces, Havelis as well as ghats along with its fairy tale Lake Palace at its heart.

International Hotel in Udaipur makes your visit an unforgettable one and provides you with a reason for coming back.

One of the most ancient families was the Rajvansh of Udaipur. The Best hotels in Udaipur have been able to become popular destinations for travelers from all over the world!

There are 9 good reasons to visit Udaipur.


The lakes provide the perfect backdrop for Udaipur’s romantic ambiance. In addition, Udaipur is famous for its beautiful waterways and lakes.


Because the Aravali mountains border Udaipur from all sides, the monsoon rains create the city’s beautiful green look.


I am eagerly awaiting the beginning of this Utsav since it falls during December, which is right around the time of Christmas. It’s a UTSAV as the name suggests and artists from across the world and in the local community are involved.


A very famous shrines in Rajasthan are The Eklingji Temple. It is home to an amazing four-faced black marble idol of Lord Shiva known as Eklingji.

Gangaur Festival:

It is being held in the same way that it was during Udai Singhji’s administration! The celebration is being held with the same enthusiasm that it was when His Highness Arvind Singhji Mewar was still a young boy and we are grateful to his leadership!


Yes, you read it correctly. Shopping in Udaipur is special. The most amazing metal to purchase is silver on Palace Road and in the Lal-Ghat neighborhood. It is a beautiful place to buy jewelry and displays pieces.

The Erstwhile Royalty:

The Palace of Udaipur is frequently called Rajasthan’s largest palace complex. Maharana Udai Singh initially constructed this magnificent masterpiece, however, his successors later improved the structure to give it the structure it has today.


Udaipur is the perfect romantic honeymoon spot for newlyweds as it provides tranquil nights, gorgeous walks, and an exotic enchantment that is hard to ignore in a country not as well-known for romantic getaways.

Jagdish Temple:

In the Lal Ghat neighborhood, close to the City Palace entrance, there is a stunning white Hindu temple that has intricate carvings and beautiful architecture that is a must-see attraction. Every sunset and sunrise the beautiful Aarti is played.

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