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We are thrilled to be able to Sage 50 accounts v29 and CIM50 v2021.3is now available

Sage 50 Accounts Version 29 can help users work more efficiently, allow personalization, boost productivity, and offer the best support available at their fingertips.

In addition, there is important information about compatibility that we recommend reading.

Some of the latest major features in the Sage V29 release:

We’ve highlighted some key new features in the new release.

Enhances capability to search Improved search capabilities. The improvements to the search function will improve efficiency and allow users to search their data efficiently.

Searches are able to be applied to all fields, not only the field of reference.

A gross column is added in batch entry Traditional Batch Entry windows displayed the VAT and Net columns, and sage 50 is previously known for its amazing identity of UAE vat accounting software. V29 introduces a brand new column that displays the Gross figure in addition to the VAT and Net values. The field is only read and therefore cannot be altered.

Further analysis, as well as email fields A more customized experience, is possible by adding three additional analysis fields inside the supplier and customer records.

Description of the product Part number and description The description field of the product expanded to 120 characters (previously 60 characters).).

Invoice layouts that include bank information Invoice layouts with bank detailsThe addition of bank information to an invoice are among popular modifications for invoice layouts.

Ledger refresh Refresh of the LedgerA Refresh option is now available to many modules, making it easier to refresh the data visible on the screen.

How to Install HTML0?

You will be asked to update your software using the usual channels i.e. auto update or email. But, prior to installing the most recent version, we advise you to contact us if one of the following applies to you.

Your company is using Sage 50 Manufacturing.

You are running v28 or lower in the Sage 50 account.

As you are likely to be aware, there have been a variety of issues that have resulted due to recent software updates. Customers that are using Sage 50 Manufacturing will be not able to upgrade to version 28 of Sage 50 Accounts due to compatibility issues.

Our suggestion is to switch towards the Cim50 manufacturing version which is Compatible with Sage 50 Accounting Software V29 along with Windows 11. We strongly recommend not upgrading the performance of your Sage 50 Accounts system while you’re making use of Sage 50 Manufacturing.

If you are looking for an upgrade from the most recent Sage 50 UK Version Accounts Please contact us to discuss your options to upgrade.


In connection to the announcement of the Sage End of Life announcement, CIM Software entered into an agreement with Sage to provide the Cim50 Manufacturing solution to be the most preferred alternative to Sage 50 Manufacturing customers.

Cim50 Manufacturing is an Award-winning solution that can do everything your existing Sage 50 Manufacturing does, but it improves it by adding over 100 more features that are spread over all of the modules. Cim50 is continually updated and developed and new features are that are added frequently.

Click on the picture below, to view an overview of Cim50 we hosted together with Sage and Sage, which includes an example from an existing client.

If you have any questions about this update or would you like to set up an appointment to see Cim50 Manufacturing, please contact us.

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