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Where to Stay in Udaipur on a Budget: Top Picks

Udaipur, known as the “City of Lakes,” is one of India’s most beautiful and romantic destinations. With its stunning palaces, vibrant bazaars, and serene lakes, it’s a must-visit for travelers. However, finding the best budget hotel in Udaipur can be a challenge, especially with the multitude of options available. If you’re planning a trip to this enchanting city and want to make the most of your budget, this guide is for you. Here are our top picks for budget-friendly stays in Udaipur, including the highly recommended Best Hotels in Udaipur

1. Hotel Sagar Palace

First on our list is Hotel Sagar Palace, a gem in the heart of Udaipur that perfectly balances comfort and affordability. Located just a short distance from the city’s major attractions, Hotel Sagar Palace offers easy access to places like the City Palace, Lake Pichola, and Jagdish Temple. The hotel’s prime location makes it an ideal choice for travelers who want to explore the city without spending too much on transportation.

Why Choose Hotel Sagar Palace?

  • Affordable Rates: Hotel Sagar Palace offers some of the best rates in Udaipur, making it a top choice for budget-conscious travelers.
  • Comfortable Rooms: Despite its budget-friendly prices, the hotel doesn’t compromise on comfort. The rooms are clean, well-furnished, and equipped with modern amenities.
  • Friendly Staff: The staff at Hotel Sagar Palace is known for their hospitality and are always ready to assist guests with their needs.
  • Free Wi-Fi: Stay connected with complimentary Wi-Fi available throughout the hotel.
  • On-Site Dining: Enjoy delicious meals at the hotel’s restaurant, which serves a variety of local and international dishes.

2. Hotel Boheda Palace

Another excellent option for budget travelers is Hotel Boheda Palace. This charming hotel offers a unique blend of traditional Rajasthani architecture and modern amenities. Located near the City Palace, it provides a great base for sightseeing.

Highlights of Hotel Boheda Palace:

  • Traditional Decor: Experience the rich culture of Rajasthan with beautifully decorated rooms that reflect the local heritage.
  • Rooftop Restaurant: Enjoy stunning views of the city while dining at the rooftop restaurant.
  • Comfortable Accommodation: The rooms are spacious and equipped with all necessary amenities to ensure a pleasant stay.
  • Proximity to Attractions: Many of Udaipur’s top attractions are within walking distance, saving you transportation costs.

3. Mewar Inn

Mewar Inn is a popular choice among budget travelers looking for a comfortable and economical stay. The hotel is known for its homely atmosphere and friendly service, making guests feel right at home.

What Makes Mewar Inn Special?

  • Budget-Friendly Prices: Mewar Inn is one of the most affordable hotels in Udaipur without compromising on quality.
  • Homely Feel: The hotel offers a cozy and welcoming environment, perfect for travelers seeking a home away from home.
  • Helpful Staff: The staff at Mewar Inn go out of their way to ensure guests have a memorable stay.
  • Central Location: The hotel is centrally located, making it convenient to explore Udaipur’s attractions.

4. Jaiwana Haveli

If you’re looking for a hotel that offers a unique blend of history and modernity, Jaiwana Haveli is a great choice. This heritage hotel is situated on the eastern banks of Lake Pichola, offering stunning views and a serene atmosphere.

Features of Jaiwana Haveli:

  • Heritage Experience: Stay in a beautifully restored haveli (traditional mansion) that offers a glimpse into Udaipur’s rich history.
  • Lake Views: Many rooms and the rooftop restaurant offer panoramic views of Lake Pichola.
  • Modern Comforts: Despite its historical charm, the hotel is equipped with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable stay.
  • Proximity to Tourist Spots: The hotel is located near popular attractions such as the City Palace and Jagdish Temple.

5. Udai Haveli Guest House

For travelers on an ultra-tight budget, Udai Haveli Guest House is an excellent option. This guest house provides basic but clean accommodations at very affordable rates.

Why Choose Udai Haveli Guest House?

  • Superb Value: One of the most affordable places to stay in Udaipur, perfect for backpackers and budget travelers.
  • Clean and Simple: The rooms are basic but clean, providing all the essential amenities.
  • Friendly Atmosphere: The guest house has a friendly and laid-back vibe, making it easy to meet other travelers.
  • Great Location: Located in the heart of Udaipur, it’s easy to explore the city’s main attractions on foot.


Udaipur is a city that captivates every visitor with its beauty and charm. Whether you’re visiting for a weekend getaway or an extended stay, finding the best budget hotel in Udaipur can enhance your experience. From the welcoming Hotel Sagar Palace to the historical Jaiwana Haveli, there are plenty of affordable accommodations that offer comfort, convenience, and a taste of Rajasthani hospitality. So pack your bags, book your stay, and get ready to explore the enchanting city of Udaipur without breaking the bank.

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