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10 Fun Things About Going to Rajasthan


Embark on a journey of discovery with Destination Rajasthan, your top tour operator and tour planner in Rajasthan. Rajasthan, the land of kings, palaces, and vibrant culture, invites you to explore its rich heritage and exciting attractions. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a culture vulture, or an adventure seeker, Destination Rajasthan has everything you need to make your trip memorable.

1. Explore the Majestic Forts:

With Destination Rajasthan as your trusted tour operator in Rajasthan, delve into the fascinating history of Rajasthan’s majestic forts. Discover the architectural marvels of Amber Fort in Jaipur, Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, and many more, as you uncover the secrets of Rajasthan’s royal past.

2. Experience Desert Safari:

Experience the thrill of a desert safari with Destination Rajasthan, the premier Rajasthan tour planner. Our expert guides will lead you on an unforgettable journey through the vast expanse of the Thar Desert, where you can enjoy camel rides, jeep safaris, and mesmerizing sunset views.

3. Marvel at the Royal Palaces:

Step into the lap of luxury with Destination Rajasthan as you explore the opulent palaces of the state. From the grandeur of Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur to the elegance of City Palace in Udaipur, our curated tours ensure you experience the royal treatment at every turn.

4. Shop Till You Drop:

Let Destination Rajasthan, the leading tour operator in Rajasthan, take you on a shopping extravaganza through Rajasthan’s bustling bazaars. With our insider tips, you can navigate the colorful markets of Jaipur, Jodhpur, and beyond, and shop for exquisite handicrafts, textiles, and jewelry to your heart’s content.

5. Witness Colorful Festivals:

Experience the magic of Rajasthan’s vibrant festivals with Destination Rajasthan, your premier Rajasthan tour planner. Join us as we celebrate the joyous occasions of Holi, Diwali, and the Pushkar Camel Fair, immersing yourself in the colorful traditions and cultural heritage of the state.

6. Indulge in Rajasthani Cuisine:

Savor the authentic flavors of Rajasthan with Destination Rajasthan’s culinary experiences. From traditional Rajasthani thalis to street food delights, our curated dining experiences ensure you sample the best of the state’s gastronomic offerings.

7. Witness Folk Performances:

Let Destination Rajasthan, the top tour operator in Rajasthan, introduce you to the vibrant folk culture of the state through mesmerizing performances. From the graceful Ghoomar dance to the energetic Kalbelia dance, our cultural tours offer a front-row seat to the colorful traditions of Rajasthan.

8. Visit Wildlife Sanctuaries:

Embark on a wildlife adventure with Destination Rajasthan, the premier Rajasthan tour planner, as you explore the diverse ecosystems of the state. From tiger safaris in Ranthambore National Park to bird-watching at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, our expert guides ensure you encounter Rajasthan’s rich biodiversity up close.

9. Attend Rajasthani Workshops:

Immerse yourself in the traditional crafts of Rajasthan with Destination Rajasthan’s hands-on workshops. Learn the art of block printing, pottery, and tie-dyeing from local artisans, and take home your own masterpiece as a souvenir of your trip.

10. Relax in Luxury Resorts:

Unwind in style with Destination Rajasthan’s curated stays at luxury resorts and heritage hotels. Whether you’re lounging in a heritage haveli in Jaipur or indulging in royal hospitality in Udaipur, our accommodations promise a rejuvenating retreat after a day of exploration.


With Destination Rajasthan as your guide, embark on a journey of discovery through the vibrant landscapes and rich heritage of Rajasthan. Whether you’re exploring ancient forts, indulging in local cuisine, or witnessing colorful festivals, our personalized experiences ensure you make the most of your trip to this magical destination. So pack your bags and let Destination Rajasthan, the top tour operator and tour planner in Rajasthan, be your companion on an unforgettable adventure in the heart of India’s royal heritage.

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